Introducing a fresh new concept of doing your business.

Nimbus accounts is an online cloud based accounting solution that offers extreme mobility, flexibility, ease of use, security and affordability for your businesses. 
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Enjoy the freedom Nimbus accounts provides, you can access your accounts anywhere, anytime in the world.

Track your company finances, inventory stock status, bank balances in one location, presented in graphical charts and graphs, giving you a clear picture of you company status, making your task easier and letting you focus on the big issue of making profits.

No longer are you tight down by clumsy software that requires you to purchase expensive hardware or paying high subscription, Nimbus is free usage for life for all saving you thousands of dollar every year.

Our advance edition includes extra features such as Multiple currencies, unlimited invoicing, multiple banking features to name a few are price friendly, SME and SOHO shall be at ease adopting our solution without causing a fortune for their budget once they decided to upgrade from free edition.

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